Music and lyrics by Elizabeth Dehler © 2000-2020

Arrangements* by Elizabeth Dehler 


*except for Revival, which was co-produced by Carl Bastien and Elizabeth Dehler for the album Extra Lovin' by Carl Bastien and the Stone County Players

Elizabeth Dehler is a composer, songwriter and teacher. Works include music for the popular Quebecois television series Nos Étés (dir. Francis Leclerc), for which she received a Prix-Gémeaux nomination in 2005, and music for the docu-drama Marie-Antoinette (2006; dir. Yves Simoneau), which won the 2007 Prix-Gémeaux for Best Original Music Score. In 2013, she wrote the music for Maxime Desmons’ feature film What We Have, which won the Best Canadian Feature Award at Toronto's Inside Out film festival. In recent years, Elizabeth developed a music program at the École Montessori de l’Outaouais, and, in 2011, she and the children’s choir she founded there, Les Choeurs de l’ÉMO, appeared at the National Arts Centre in Olivier Choinière’s experimental music theatre piece Chante Avec Moi. In 2016, she and the choir recorded an original song, Mon Cadeau (Elizabeth Dehler and Sabine Belin), to raise funds for a local charity. Currently she is working on The Mind Gardener, her first music theatre piece. Elizabeth holds a Master of Music in Composition from McGill University.